Health Light Package

Health Light Package

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Your well-being is at the heart of your attentions, do not miss to live a "relaxing" experience in the resourcing resort of Crans-Montana.

For 603.- per adult (excluding accommodation), the Health - Light offer gives you access to the following experiences and activities:

  • Your access to CMA's ski lifts and car park
  • 3 activities to choose from:
    • A Yoga class
    • A wide range of skin care products
    • Your revitalization package
    • Your muscular fitness lightens up by cryotherapy
    • Your "Boost your immune system" package

One Crans-Montana puts a large selection of accommodations at your disposal for all budgets


Yoga classes
Choose the technique that works best for you. Our yogi teaches vinyasa, hatha and yin yoga, depending on your needs and technique.

The class can be given in the comfort of your own home, at our yogi’s home or in a rented room at Médica in Crans-Montana*. Mats can be provided and are disinfected before and after each use. However, blocs, covers and cushions cannot be given anymore for hygienic purposes.

Private group yoga class of one hour. Maximum 4 people from the same family (or group).

* Additional 50.- for the one-hour class



Skin care
We offer you three options that are tailored to your needs. The treatment will be decided the same day with the beauty technician.

  • SkinCeuticals®: A light medical peel that gives the entire face a radiant glow while continuing to tighten pores and remove impurities. The treatment lasts about 20 minutes and the skin is firmer and appears more radiant immediately after treatment.
  • Profacial ®: The treatment is carried out in 4 phases; the first is used to cleanse the skin deeply, the second to activate blood circulation thanks to radio frequency, the third to stimulate the dermis and muscles thanks to ions, and the last to activate the regeneration of the deeper layers of the dermis thanks to ultrasound. The treatment lasts about 45 minutes and has anti-aging virtues such as wrinkle reduction.
  • Skineclipse: The Skin'Eclipse combines 4 techniques in one device. Electroporation consists of short electrical impulses that increase the permeability of the skin. Electrophoresis allows the transport through the skin of ionized molecules using a direct current. LED chromotherapy and litho-therapy treat all skin types without any risk of side effects. The complexion is unified, inflammation is reduced and you have a feeling of well-being.


Revitalization package
Cryotherapy and a vitamin C drip.  

Exposure to very low temperatures has beneficial effects on the body, such as relieving joint and muscle pain and stiffness. Cryotherapy causes intense stimulation of the immune system and improves the production of endorphins. Patients can lose approx. 300 calories per session.


Immune Boost Package
Our nutrition specialist will prepare and present you with a nutrition protocol to boost your immune system during a 30-minute consultation. Then followed by a vitamin C infusion with our cosmetic doctor to give you an immediate energy boost.


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